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We are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge through very systematic processes on clinical researches and to sharing our discoveries for the benefit of the community.
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An Organization where people’s talents can be challenged, and their efforts recognized and rewarded. We align our actions with the values and behaviors as a full set – all are equally critical to our success. With over 14 years ‘of experience managing clinical research sites, we have worked on over 100 clinical trials in various therapeutic areas, from inception to completion. By partnering with local community-based, and established urgent care and physician offices, we are able to develop clinical research sites.UCCTrials is a clinical research Site Management Organization (SMO) that has developed the first national Investigative Site Network (ISN), specifically geared for the urgent care industry.UCCTrials is a leader in facilitating clinical research in urgent care centers and private practices. 

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Our culture defines us … it’s our DNA. We call it the UCCTrials Way and it’s the values we share and the business practices we deploy. It’s how we address our day-to-day commitments. We do what we say and we own what we do.
Our culture is founded on five core values: Quality, Integrity, Discovery, Partnership and Professionalism.

As a leader in facilitating clinical research, we will always have a “people-first” business model approach that understands that people are an organization’s greatest assets and an organization’s success hinges on the long-term professional.

Dedicated to providing access to resources and opportunities that empower each UCCTrials stakeholder and partners to promote change, impact success and innovation.

We will set a new standard for delivering compassionate, respectful and responsive patient care. We will create an environment that will attract and support the most highly talented clinical professionals.

Our primary mission is to conduct high quality clinical research aimed at generating knowledge and information contributing to the overall advancement of medicine, establishing which strategies or treatments that work best for certain groups of people for certain illnesses.Our primary mission is to conduct clinical research trials at the highest standard of excellence aimed at generating safe and effective results to facilitate advancement of medical cures and treatments for tomorrow.Our physicians work with the latest treatments and have a direct impact on the future of medicine. We are seasoned experts in the field of clinical trials.UCCTrials strives to achieve competitive advantages and to increase value within our study facilities, implementing a complete clinical trial management practice, which creates true enterprise value. We work with our partner facilities and help them create a significant secondary revenue stream through the offering of treatments and medications to patients who would otherwise never have the opportunity to receive them. 

•Quality:We offer the highestquality clinical support and an opportunity available to the patients and partners we serve.•Integrity: We commit to regular self-evaluation and continuous quality improvement to assure patient safety, the best possible outcomes and the optimal use of medical resources.•Discovery:We are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge through very systematic processes on clinical researches and to sharing our discoveries for the benefit of the community.•Partnership:Believing that the integrity of clinical research is imperative to the progression of medicine – We pursue to deliver to our sponsors a seamless experience in the advancement of clinical research by consistently delivering quality data, fast enrollment, and reliability.•Professionalism: Our values and behaviors define the expectations we have for working together. We believe our staff members are our greatest asset, and we recognize and truly value the contributions of each member of our team.

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